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About The Product

Wheatgrass is a young wheat plant, scientific name Triticium aestivum.

Mainly its roots are used for making medicines. Wheatgrass is considered to be enriched with lots of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium, and amino acids.

With so many health benefits, recently wheatgrass is popular as a superfood and health supplement.

It is helpful in treating digestion problems, several bowel-related issues, inflammation, diabetes, and cholesterol. It is also used to increase hemoglobin levels in patients with blood disorders.

However, pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers, and people who have undergone surgery should avoid consuming wheatgrass.


  • Fighting Infection: Wheatgrass helps in killing certain infections especially those resistant against antibiotics.
  • Gastric Issues: Due to its high fiber content it is used to treat stomachache and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Preventing Diabetes: It helps in raising insulin levels and thus treat type-2 diabetes.
  • Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant: For removing several toxins from the body that is produced on a day-to-day basis, wheatgrass acts as an antioxidant, similar to several plant-based foods
  • Cancer Prevention: Wheatgrass is believed to slow down the growth of cancer cells. Scientists say that it has the same structure as that of hemoglobin and thus helps in cancer treatment.


  • Organic Wheatgrass Powder.
  • HPMC plant-based cellulose capsule


The dosage of the wheatgrass capsule is dependent on age, health conditions, and several other attributes.

1 to 2 doses of 3 to 6 grams of wheatgrass powder is advisable. Initially start with one dose and gradually increase.

However, consulting a health-care provider is recommended.

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